Learning Mindset

Learning Mindset

What is a learning mindset and how do we get there?
Here are some thoughts around learning experiences that show up thematically in my work as a higher education consultant and instructor:
#1  People need a learning environment in which they feel safe to make mistakes,
#2  Challenges and disruptions can be turned into an opportunity to bring about change,
#3  Deep learning occurs through meaningful reflection, dialogue, and collaborative interaction.

Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset?

Notes from the Video

“Don’t just praise students on their learning; tie it back to the learning and progress” (Dweck, 2014).
Talents and abilities are not “fixed” but can be grown and developed. The brain can be developed like a muscle.
Help students find their zest for learning. A fixed environment sets us up to have a fixed mindset.
When deep learning occurs, grades and test scores are a simple by-product.


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