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3 Rules to Spark Learning

“Curiosity comes first, not the other way around.”

Cultivate curiosity

Questions and curiosity are like magnets that draw us to our teachers.
If we place technologies before inquiry, we could be robbing ourselves of our greatest tools as teachers- our students’ questions.
Embrace the mess of learning
Flipped learning should not be the focus – it’s the same dehumanizing chatter wrapped up in fancy clothing.
Confuse/perplex students through questions to tailor robust and informed methods of blended instruction.
Life threatening situation: student questions are the seeds for real learning, not scripted curriculum.
No more disseminators of content; cultivators of curiosity of inquiry, meaning and spark learning!
Practice reflection
Allow student questions to cultivate curiosity, embrace the mess of learning, and reflect on what was impactful and relevant.
3 Rules to Spark Learning
Curiosity comes first, not the other way around
Embrace the mess.
Practice reflection – reflection deserves our care and revision as if one day we will save lives.

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Do Bullets Kill PD?

Do Bullets Kill Professional Learning?

What is it about the “sit and get” professional development model that we just don’t dare to deviate from? Could it be that we are comfortable doing the same thing over and over again assuming that our instructional delivery is working? So says Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Instead of making an effort to drill and kill, why not make professional learning engaging? If you want to change, be the change you wish to see. Modeling is key to implementing change.
Check out this link from Global Partnership in Education: Five Models of Teacher-Centered Professional Development
Check out this link from the Center for Public Education: Teaching the Teachers Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability

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