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#Future Learning

World class education for everyone is a prerequisite for prosperity.

Sal Khan – In personalized learning, we can use what’s already there but change the methodology.
Content should be reflected in the energy and voice in deliverer, we shouldn’t have to have a rap song to get excited about it.

What do we need to do differently?

We need a win in the education industry – but how do we keep this sense of urgency? Little successes kill urgency!
We need to arm our children with armor against doctrine.

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Build a School in the Cloud


Watch Sugata Mitra as he addresses these important questions: What is the future of learning? Where does learning come from?   “Could it be…..that we don’t need to go to school at all?, the point of time you need to know something you can find out in 2 minutes?, could it be where knowing is obsolete?”

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