ePortfolio as the 11th High Impact Practice (HIP)

ePortfolio Learning

ePortfolio learning is simply the “meaningful, digital evidence of your learning journey.” It should incorporate elements of reflection, aspects of innovation, a blog, and should ultimately encompass the pathway of your individual learning experience. You can post your innovative ideas, research, pictures, projects, and any thing that is important and relevant to you on your ePortfolio via page or post. Remember that YOU own your ePortfolio and YOU own the learning by controlling all aspects of your ePortfolio. You can set your ePortfolio up as you wish, choosing your any platform available that allows you to incorporate as many elements as you desire. Remember, to consider the functionality vs. the limitations to see which ePortfolio platform best suits your learning needs and will best represent your learning experience. You will be able to take your ePortfolio with you as you venture into other learning experiences, career positions, academic paths, or new business dealings. The choice, ownership, and voice through authentic ePortfolio learning is your digital environment in which you can establish your digital presence and communicate your passion to the world.
For further ideas on Who owns the learning? check out this great book by Alan November available for purchase on Amazon. The next time you wonder whether you should or should not add something to your ePortfolio, remember that YOU can easily own your learning experience and pathway if you take ownership and learner agency from the very beginning and allow a bit of flexibility and room to grow and change.



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