Michele Riddle

Dr. Tilisa Thibodeaux was the professor of Concepts of Educational Technology, one of the classes I have taken through Lamar’s Education Technology M.Ed. program. One of the videos we watched stressed the life fact that “serendipity happens.” This video was important to me because it felt like serendipity that I was enrolled in Dr. Thibodeaux’s class. In my professional life, I had focused the entire school year to developing an ePortfolio program with our middle and high school students. I had run into some setbacks and was still needing guidance in this area. Dr. Thibodeaux’s class focused on many things, but ePortfolios was one of the key components of the class. She has done extensive research on this topic, and it was the information that I needed at exactly the right time. The classes at Lamar are focused on what students need and are applicable to their own professional lives. While we learn a lot of educational philosophy and theory, we also get real-world tools to use immediately in our professions.
Very cool…..you never the know the impression you’re going to make on someone. Thanks, Michelle 🙂



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